Our story

Our service will reduce anxiety for family and friends, and help yourself protected. It will give you confidence that, despite adverse circumstances, there is a way to protect yourself in critical situations.

All you have to do is press the alarm button on your smartphone. The patrol identifies your identity, location and will come to the rescue as soon as possible.


Be easy to use and concise in communication.


We monitor the development of technology and use the best solutions to improve service (tracking, recognition)


Provide protection and feedback to our customers as soon as possible.

SAFOR will report

Your family

Your friends



Get help quickly and easily

Be able to schedule an emergency call

Indicate your permanent location: home, work, etc.

Make a description of your own car

Add family and friends to your contact list

Keep track of their (family and friends) location

Track their battery level

Send your loved ones an SMS about the need for help


When you press the emergency button, a distress alarm is sent to Security and reshared to emergency contacts

  • 290 ₴
    1 month
  • 800 ₴
    3 months
    Saving 70 ₴
  • 3000 ₴
    Saving 480 ₴

1 security call per month for free, next costs 200₴

For women

In the modern world, a lot of women are suffering from violence and each one is taking measures.  Now you have the opportunity to call the Security with one touch on your phone. And you DON’t deny yourself what makes life brighter!

For entrepreneurs

Business travel is always accompanied by the risk of robbery, aggression or even kidnapping. Our Security plan will minimize these threats with just one click away

For tourists

Since every travel starts with security assessment, Safor is ideally positioned as an obvious solution for inward tourism to insure safe travel in both urban areas and vast rural plains and mountains.

For single people

Being alone is tricky: self-reliance is your strong part, but personal security throws up a challenge that requires a third party, or second as is your case. Safor app, with its Security plan, is made to become your second to none security partner.

For students

Student’s life is filled with both fun and turbulence, and may have an unexpected turning. Should this happen, our Security package is your obvious choice that will keep you covered in all dire situations

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