Our story

SAFOR Security International was founded in 2017 in England, with the aim of ensuring the security of everyone anywhere in the world. In today’s world, people can find themselves in a dangerous situation at any moment. Everyone cares about the personal safety and security of their loved ones.

Our company sees a great goal – to protect people in critical or life-threatening situations. We want to help not only the victim, but the whole family. Ukraine became the first country to launch the SAFOR service.

Our service will reduce anxiety for family and friends and make you feel protected. It will give you confidence that despite the unfavorable situation, there is a way to protect yourself in critical situations.

All you have to do is press the alarm button on your smartphone. The patrol identifies your identity, location and will come to the rescue as soon as possible.


Be easy to use and concise in communication.


We monitor the development of technology and use the best solutions to improve service (tracking, recognition)


Provide protection and feedback to our customers as soon as possible.

SAFOR will report

Your family

Your friends

National Security Police


Get help quickly and easily

Be able to schedule an emergency call

Indicate your permanent location: home, work, etc.

Make a description of your own car

Add family and friends to your contact list

Keep track of their (family and friends) location

Track their battery level

Send your loved ones an SMS about the need for help

Subscription prices

Pay now and save 30% before the price increases starting from Dec 1, 2020
  • 710 420 ₴ / per month
  • 2000 1200 ₴ / for three months
  • 7000 4800 ₴ / per year
  • Emergency button
  • 7 emergency contacts
  • Delayed call
  • Adding a car
  • Call the security police

* Each the Security Police Call - 100 ₴