When you press the emergency button, a distress alarm is sent to Security Police and reshared to emergency contacts

  • 710
    420 ₴
    1 month
  • 2000
    1200 ₴
    3 months
    Saving 60 ₴
  • 7000
    4800 ₴
    Saving 240 ₴

Each the Security Police Call - 100 ₴

For women

In the modern world, a lot of women are suffering from violence and each one is taking measures. Now you have the opportunity to call the Security with one touch on your phone. And you DON’t deny yourself what makes life brighter!

For business

Business travel is always accompanied by the risk of robbery, aggression or even kidnapping. Our Security plan will minimize these threats with just one click away

For tourists

Since every travel starts with security assessment, Safor is ideally positioned as an obvious solution for inward tourism to insure safe travel in both urban areas and vast rural plains and mountains

For single people

Being alone is tricky: self-reliance is your stronge part, but personal security throws up a challenge that requires a third party, or second as is your case. Safor app, with its Security plan, is made to become your second to none security partner

For students

Student’s life is filled with both fun and turbulence, and may have an unexpected turning. Should this happen, our Security package is your obvious choice that will keep your covered in all dire situations.


When you press the emergency button, your distress alarm is shared to your emergency contacts

  • 200
    139 ₴
    1 month
  • 500
    400 ₴
    3 months
    Saving 17 ₴
  • 1100
    800 ₴
    Saving 168 ₴
For your parents

Our elderly parents will grow more and more vulnurable with time, and will need as much care as safety. But you can’t always be there. We will relieve you of this trouble, and will make sure your parents are secure and well taken care of.

For the whole family

The most precious thing in the world is our families, so it is very important for us to ensure the safety of OUR family members: husband, wife, children and parents

For friends and relatives

No matter how many friends you may have, odds are they aren’t always there to help you. Grab the opportunity to share your distress alarm with them immediately.


When you press the emergency button, your distress alarm is reshared to one emergency contact

  • 0 ₴
    1 month
  • 0 ₴
    3 months
  • 0 ₴
For moms and dads

As kids grow up, so grows their exposure to real world life threating situations. Our app will come in most handy, as you may follow your kids’ live positioning, and forward their distress signal to Safor free of charge